Friday, March 20, 2009

orbit semesta

Dengannya cukup selesa
tak mungkin ada selainnya

Saturday, March 14, 2009

rain and bow to you

Rainbows created my imagination
As it arched across the sky
On one end there sat you
At the other end, there sat me

Imagining I could slide across
Over the rainbow to the end
There would be my pot of gold
The sweet love of my dear friend

The rainbow is a connection
Like a bridge from me to you
It appears joined by sunlight
Then the grey skies turn to blue

I smiled up today at the sky
How far would my loving smile go
It slid right over to the other side
The other end of the coloured rainbow

forever far away

You're always in my heart,
Always on my mind,
No matter how deep the water,
You, I always find.

My memories are darkening,
You're getting more unclear,
I've fallen into a tunnel,
But I am not to fear.

Very soon we'll be as one,
Together as we once had been,
Filling our memory boxes,
For another year of being unseen.

Friday, March 13, 2009

sunday suicide

i like to be my self
just like anyone else
i want to be just like
people want me to be

before tomorrow end
sunshine start to falling down
unable me to pick you up
from something that you already dump
and nobody there to help you out

i want to be myself
try to ignore anyone else
i want to be just like
my honey will adore me

p/s: angah adalah ikon rasmi the coleslaw. harap maklum

crush not destroy

oh my cuddly honey
im tired of my monotony life