Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Losing melody

I can feel your gentle touch on my heart
Reminds me to hold on for just a little while
I can see youre smiling at me, the love in your eyes
I long to snuggle close, my fears are taking flight

Im losing you, my heart calls out
Wanting you and me in this special place of mine
The world of outside

I can feel your presence surrounding me
I know deep in my heart our love was meant to be
I can see the shining bright lights on you
Why you are the one whos going to leave me here alone on my own

Dying as you saved my life
But why you didnt save yours?
Why dont you just let me die?
So I wont cry for you

Turn back the time and you will see
Our love is strong and shimmering
No one will never ever fractious me
Buried a lie and set us free
Destiny will never in our hands
But still we could amend our being
Looking back at the story that weve made

Deny the fate and let me scream

Should you see me here?
Should you see me now?
Ill keep our promise until the end of time

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