Wednesday, July 8, 2009

story of apple and monster

i just need the truth
i dont care about what people whining
but sometime we deserve to know truth right?
i dont care if it true or not
as long as i know the truth
it will be enough for me
and i keep thinking where i gonna find the truth?
i keep wondering how
suddenly i know how to find the truth
the truth come from the victim
am i really brave enough to ask for the truth?
i keep thinking if askin is the best way to know
or i just keep it in silence
but i cant stop my eagerness...

last night i pump up all my gut
just to ask a single little question
it just a question
not that i trust them
but i need the truth
i know i hurt u so much
u keep crying and crying
im sorry
and now i know the truth
my heart is jumping
i hope u understand my eagerness
and hope i can still see the apple tree

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